Totally Clean/Totally Sanitized/Totally Cool! Train In Person Now!

Our county is quickly noticing the decrease in the pandemic numbers and I am are ready to help you get back into your workouts in person at the studio! My studio will provide you with clean training!

If you don’t know me, I bet you are concerned about the safety of working out in the typical gym setting again. Well, I do not run Body Architecture like your typical overcrowded big box. All training is done here in either a one with one session or a small group session. I have 8 different private training areas to work with clients. All equipment is sanitized in a three-step process. First, it is UV light exposed to kill the viruses and bacteria. Second, the entire area and common areas that has been used/traveled through is fogged with a sanitizing solution (this process takes approximately 10 minutes and the area is closed off to avoid inhalation of the chemicals). Third, each piece of equipment is wiped with a sanitizing/disinfecting wipe solution such as Cavicide, Opticide or RD-141. I take about 30 minutes to ensure this process is complete. Then, I also rotate my sessions to the different rooms and alternate with my zoom online sessions to ensure there is more than adequate time for the entire sanitization process to ensure that the entire visit is safe for each of my clients. I can assure I can provide you with the cleanest workout space in the county, if not the country! I also double mask and use a face visor, maintain social distance of at least 6 feet, but usually 8 – 10 feet, or zoom with my clients (for group sessions).

For my group sessions, I do all these via zoom, even the in person sessions. The sessions are currently limited to a maximum of 8 clients/couples so that I can have each client/couple in a separate area. Each client has equipment that is not shared (unless of course it is a couple that lives together and they are in one area–they can share equipment.). I then have the zoom set up from my office or demonstration space. All clients are required to do one initial wipe down of the equipment they used after their session. This allows me to ensure my own safety so that I can continue the program. After the session and everyone has exited the building, then I begin the 3-step sanitization process listed above.

Social Bubble Sessions: Please check that section of the website out. If you and your friends/family want to work out in their own small group session, I am happy to accommodate that! You can workout and keep within your social bubble safety. I will also give a discount on this program if you allow me to open the session time to online people that are not in your group. Text me for details.

While you can see all the details on our Checkmark of our cleaning process, we also do all the details–ie., we assign restrooms to each client coming in and they are sanitized after each client use, all the doors/handles are wiped off, including the outside doors. I also ventilate the entire building daily to ensure maximum fresh air is in the facility.

If you ask my long term clients and even past clients, I have always been a clean freak and they even use to tease me about it and ask me if I do “home visits” lol!

Now that’s about our sanitization. But guess what, I’m even more fanatical about your workout plan. I want you to get the results you want. I will do everything I can to help you learn the tools you need to succeed. I have over 30 years experience in the fitness industry and most of that time was 7 days per week. (I’ve cut back to 6 days now, at least most of the time, haha!). I really do care about helping you. But the only way you will know, is if you contact me.

So, contact me today via text at 408-206-7011. We can start with an orientation. I have more availability for this orientation via zoom and hope you don’t mind doing that. I do not charge for the orientation and you will leave the session knowing a lot more about how to succeed and get results, even if you decide not to train with me. During the orientation I will give you a tour of the facility, and we will discuss your goals, your timeframe and specifically what is stopping you from already being where you want to be with your fitness experience. We will see if training with me is right for you. I will put the expertise in for you and you will need to put the effort in. Every program is different and specialized. I mean that more than you can imagine. Most folks are surprised as they don’t realize how much can be done and how easy (or how hard) some things will be. But you won’t know until you contact me.

So, the studio is open. My appointments are filling up fast, but I would love to have one filled by you!

Text me! 408-206-7011

Regarding communication: I am a personal trainer with a physical therapy degree and background. I take care of the person in front of me first. I don’t text or take calls during someone’s sessions. I will give you the same level of courtesy. So please bear in mind that I work with clients 6 days per week and I will answer you as soon as I can after clients, but I will not text you before 8 am or after 8 pm Sunday – Friday (unless I make a time zone mistake), as I respect folks personal time. But I will give all serious inquiries the same amount of care and attention. I will need to know your name and what you are interested, so please send a complete text. Thank you so much! I look forward to helping you!

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