Thank you for visiting my site today.  I take pride in providing unique training and floating experiences for busy professionals in the Bay Area and ensure that my facility goes above and beyond the SCC COVID safety protocols.    The facility is conveniently located off freeways 85 & 87 just below Communication Hill.  Just take the Capitol Expressway exit to Hillsdale Avenue.  Our closest cross street is Hillsdale/Snell Ave.  & Charter Park Drive, in the Charter Park Business Center.   While I look forward to meeting you, PLEASE – text for an appointment, prior to showing up at our studio.   Our studio is by appointment only, not only so that we can provide each customer with a personal and private experience, but so that we can also ensure that our facility is COVID safe and sanitized for each client.

Due to the volume of nasty spamming, I am no longer posting an email and text is easier anyway.    I am a small business owner, not a big chain or generic franchise, and I respond to each inquiry directly.    I put in the extra personal attention that no big chain can offer.   I pay attention to the person in front of me first, then I respond to texts.    Thank you for your understanding as I will treat you the same.   Therefore, please contact me via text with any questions, concerns, or scheduling:

(408)206-7011 or


3851 U & V Charter Park Drive   San Jose, CA 95136

(408) 597-4957 or

(408) 206-7011
Please text as I will not answer while I’m with a client.  I will return your text as soon as I can during business hours.   Thank you!

Due to the ridiculous volume spamming on the internet,  I am no longer using emails on this website.  I can get back to you most efficiently via text.


Float or Train 7 days per week by appointment

Just send us a text!

(408) 206-7011    or