This is not a big-box chain gym.


I’ve got Your Goals Covered!

Hi!  I’m Lori Henderson and I’m the owner & operator of Body Archicture.     I’ve been in the fitness industry since conception (my Mom worked at a health club since before I was born too), I’ve always conformed to making fitness programs work in the big cookie cutter gyms.  Well, I’m done with that.   This facility is about my clients.   Come check it out.

I am known for being able to create an effective workout anywhere, at any time and under pretty much any conditions to reach my clients goals.  I’ve trained my entire career making adjustments to the various places and obstacles that make it difficult for people to get the best workout—overcrowded gyms, limited space, weather conditions, old gyms, chain gyms and more.

Body Architecture is nothing like the cookie cutter fitness gyms you have joined in the past.  After two years of surgeries, I’ve finally been able to open my dream facility! I have owned and managed many other facilities over the years before the break I took.  But I decided that this time I was going to create the perfect studio environment to train clients regardless of their needs.  Therefore, I have developed a studio with 7 different workout/wellness areas that I use to provide the proper environment needed for each client.  This is how Body Architecture Training Studio became a reality.   The areas range from Pilates/yoga style environments with ballet barres & Feldenkrais tables to rugged cross-training type, athletic-training environments with rigs, climbing walls, suspension training, battle ropes & tire flipping.

Why did I add float services to Body Architecture?

I have referred clients to float for years.    Then the float spa I referred folks to closed.   As I am always looking to provide for the overall well-being of my clients, I decided to introduce floating services in September, 2016.    Floating is based on a scientific approach to deep relaxation called “Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique” or R.E.S.T. for short, developed by John C. Lily, a medical practitioner in the 1950s.   It was called sensory deprivation therapy, but has evolved into what we now call floating.   There have been great advancements in float therapy and it is used not only for relieving general aches and pains, but also helping us achieve clarity and reduce stress.