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No Membership Required Personal & Group Training Floating Available 7 Days Per Week Float Near Routes 85 & 87 In San Jose It’s All About Your Experience Rental Space for Freelance Personal Trainers Available Now Rental Space Available for Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Professionals At Body Architecture

Float in San Jose.

What will you do in a tank full of salt?  Feel Better!  Experience a zero-gravity environment today!  When you float endorphins are released, that are powerful natural pain relievers and mood enhancers, making you feel better now.  NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED

Get in shape now.

You don’t have to be more fit than everyone else, you just have to imagine the possibility of being fitter than you thought you could be!  Make every second you spend exercising count with proper exercise training programs designed specifically for your body and goals.   NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED.

Train your Clients Here!

Have the freedom of running your own wellness or training business.   Shared and exclusive use space rental available now.   You’ve earned your reputation, put the profits of your expertise in your own pocket now.

Welcome to the Body Architecture Training Center.

Train and Float

Body Architecture leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals and improving their health. Our mission is to create an environment where individuals of all shapes, sizes, confidence and ability levels will feel welcome and supported.  We offer private training and float services.

Are You Ready for a totally different training experience?.

Body Architecture Training & Float Service is nothing like the cookie cutter training at fitness gyms you have joined in the past.

I am known for being able to create an effective workout anywhere, at any time and under pretty much any conditions.  During my entire career of training clients, I’ve always had to make adjustments to the various places and obstacles that make it difficult for people to get the best workout.   I have dealt with overcrowded gyms, limited space or equipment, weather conditions, old gyms, chain gyms with generic selectorized equipment,  and more.   Clients alway have to adjust in these places.  But the truth is… Your gym should fit you, not you fit the gym.

After my surgery, I decided that this time I was going to create the perfect studio environment to train clients regardless of their needs.  Therefore, I have developed a studio with 7 different workout/wellness areas that I use to provide the proper environment needed for each client.  This is how Body Architecture Training Studio became a reality.   Each room is a blank slate.  When each client arrives,  the training space transforms with the right equipment and exercises to meet their goals.  I believe in functional training and organized chaos,  so I create environments that range from Pilates/yoga inspired environments with ballet barres & Feldenkrais tables to rugged cross-training type, athletic-training environments with rigs, climbing walls, suspension training, battle ropes & tire flipping.  My clients train with many pieces of specialty equipment that are only found in professional athletic training facilities.   I keep up with the latest research in the industry so that I can constantly bring you the most effective workout in a variety of ways.     This allows me to train You specifically to your needs–any level, any sport, any goal.

Are You ready for a totally different exercise training experience?

Lori Henderson, MS

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to feel great & look great!  Body Architecture Training Center leads the fitness industry when it comes to helping people reach their fitness goals. We have private training, float services & more!  Our mission is to create an environment where individuals of all shapes, sizes, confidence and ability levels will feel welcome and supported.

Improve your health
Float: Free Your Mind
Grow stronger
Lose Bodyfat
Compete with others
$85 - $110

Personal Train or Float with Color Therapy

7 Days

a week open
by appointment

7,500 Square Feet

7 different training areas, float spa & lots of free parking including our exclusive parking spots. Wellness affiliates on-site, including chiropractor, massage, and more!