Acosta Fitness

Hi – My name is Jose and I’m the owner and operator of Acosta Fitness.

Are you an early riser? Or is late afternoon your time to workout?  I can help!

Contact me today to get your “fit” in!  I will show you how we can get a regular fitness program in to your busy schedule!    I offer early morning small group and private training sessions at Body Architecture.

Small Group “Bootcamp Style” Fitness Training:

Mondays & Wednesdays at 5:30 am

I limit the number of participants in my group class, so that I can ensure that you receive maximum benefit and personalized attention.  You are not just another number in my bootcamp style class.   While we work at an intense pace to pack the most into your valuable time, I ensure that each session is tailored to your individual needs and goals.     Please contact me today via text or email for a free consultation and free trial of  my group training program.   The best thing about my small group program is that it allows me to provide you with personalized training on a budget.

Note sure if early am is your thing?   Try my two-week group training trial for only $49, which includes an evaluation and 4 sessions of group training AND if you decide to enroll in my regular program, your $49 will be applied to your first month of training!     Text or email me for details!

Private Training:

If the group thing is not for you, I also offer private sessions.   I have a few times slots still available, so please contact me for more information.  I will be posting more information soon here about my services.