Clear that crowded brain–book a float now!

2016 was something.   Now is the time to clear the clutter and start 2017 in a positive way with a clean slate!   Floating will help you reduce stress, clear out the clutter in your brain, and help you focus on the things you need to do this year.

We have Peak Time, Non-Peak Time, and Guaranteed Time Floating options.    We also offer an introductory program for individuals who have never floated, or those of you who are pros at it and just haven’t floated with us.    Please check out your options below.   You can sign up for your float right her by clicking on the link below (we use PayPal) or you can contact us directly to reserve your slot at 408-206-7011.

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First Time Floater
Three 30-Minute Floats: $99

What is this floating anyway?

Here’s your chance to find out!

Most folks feel the full benefit of floating after 3 floats. Some folks are nervous about 60 minutes. So, we are offering this new program to help introduce you to the benefits of sensory deprivation! Signup for this package of three (3) thirty-minute floats for only $99. If you love your first two floats, we will upgrade your third float to 60-minutes for FREE!
To take advantage of this special offer, call us or register your first float on-line here and we will schedule your future floats with you in person. No membership fees or other hidden costs EVER!


New BA Floater
Three 60-Minute Floats

This special package is for the Floating Pro! You’ve floated before (but not with us), now experience the difference of floating at BA Floater! Schedule your first float now and then we will schedule your other two floats with you when you arrive. No membership fees or other hidden costs EVER! New customers only and cannot be combined with other offers.

Off Peak Time

Non-Peak Time

60-Minute Float

You’re coming to rejuvenate yourself. Don’t fight the traffic or the crowds and save money during non-peak times now! Schedule your first float now and then ask us about our special packages available for regular non-peak time floaters! No membership fees or other hidden costs EVER!

If you have never floated before or have floated but not with us, check out the float specials for first time floaters or floaters that are new to our facility listed above

Peak Time

Peak Time Floating

60-Minute Session


Floats scheduled between 5 pm & 8:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. This is our most popular float time and you can make it yours! Schedule your first float now and then ask us about our special packages available for regular floaters! No membership fees or other hidden costs EVER!


GFT Floater
Ten(10) 60-Minute Floats

You have floated for years now and just want a convenient, comfortable place to float at the same time each week with no hassle. This package allows us to permanently schedule your float time each week in advance for you, we will customize your music experience, and more. No more remembering to jump online to grab your time slot. Experience the bliss of no hassle sensory deprivation now. GFT floaters also get the benefit of extra time in the tank for FREE if they are on time!

Book your first float at the time you want and then we will book all the rest of your floats (you will also be able to pre-schedule days that you know you can’t float, it will be awesome!). If you are switching to our service from another floating service, we will give you 10% off all your future float packages for you or your friends after your first GFT float package purchase! Thank you for giving us a try.

BA Floater is not a big box chain, it is part of the cooperative services offered by Body Architecture Training Center.    The owner, Lori Henderson,  has been serving the bay area with fitness and wellness services for over 20 years, and the general fitness industry for over 35 years.    Our service still continues to be individualized to provide you with the best experience possible.    We promise to provide you with individual attention in a clean comfortable environment.  We are not trying to provide mass production services, we think it is better to do quality work for a few rather than generic service for the many.