The San Jose Bujinkan dojo was founded in 2013. Its purpose is to provide residents of the south San Francisco Bay region the opportunity to train in the martial arts of Hatsumi Sensei’s Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu. The focus of training is on authentic transmission and application of teachings from the Bujinkan Honbu dojo in Japan.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR |  Dr. Alan Poon (12th Dan Shihan) has been training in the Bujinkan continuously since 2002 under the guidance and mentorship of Dr. Michael Asuncion (15th Dan Shihan), based in Ann Arbor, MI. Dr. Poon passed the 5th Dan test in August 2004, and obtained 10th Dan certification in December 2012. He continues to travel regularly to Japan to further his own training under Hatsumi Sensei and the Shihan of the Bujinkan Dojo. The spirit of the San Jose Bujinkan Dojo flows from the Honbu Dojo in Japan and Michigan Dojo in Ann Arbor.

Classes are currently held at Body Architecture Training Center on Monday & Thursday evenings.  Contact Dr. Poon directly for enrolling in classes.